Consul General of France in Ho Chi Minh City

Dear Sir, Dear Madam,

I have the pleasure to invite you to take part in the forthcoming Gu Pháp event at the prestigious French Residence in Ho Chi Minh City, on May 29, 30 and 31 2020.

This cultural and food event is meant to promote Vietnam-France friendship and cooperation.
This is a unique opportunity for you to meet with dozens of French exhibitors, to enjoy the best of French cuisine and food products, witness or take part in cooking competitions mixing Vietnam and France culinary traditions.

You will also benefit from shows by the best Vietnamese star-singers French artists and attend fashion shows by celebrated Vietnamese and French designers.

I hope to meet you at this unprecedented event.


Vincent Floreani
Consul general of France


President of the Gu Phap Organizing Committee

Dear friends of France,

With 26 years of living and working in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam became my second hometown and has become a big part of me. Vietnam shares a lot of similarities with France, both countries are very into Epicureanism in the way of enjoying life through food and fashion.

Few people know the richness and diversity of French cuisine and no one could imagine that France has 1,200 types of cheese, 3,240 types of wine for 1,313 different wine regions, 340 champagne producers and different regional specialties such as ham and pastries. In 2010, French cuisine was declared a UNESCO world intangible heritage Site. This also partly proves the greatness of French cuisine. My second hometown also has a lot of unique dishes and holds a special place in the international gastronomy.

The mixture of the two cuisines has created new dishes such as iced condensed milk coffee (Cà phê sữa đá- coffee), bánh mì sandwich (pain de mie). Few people know that the two examples above are originally from France but Vietnam has uplifted them and made them become famous worldwide as a Vietnamese dish. We have been capable of so many greatnesses together and I am sure that Gu Phap will add one more stone into our strong friendship.

Gu Pháp will be an event where everyone, including Vietnamese and foreigners, can come and enjoy French and Vietnamese cuisine in the festive atmosphere with music, fashion shows, elegance ambassador contest at the Residence of the General Consulate of France. I would like to invite you to come and enjoy the most wonderful event of the year to celebrate the French and Vietnamese beauties. Gu Pháp will be the unforgettable experience for the year for whose have the chance to participate.

Thanks and see you at Gu Pháp,

Jacques Rostaing

President of Gu Phap Organization Committee

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